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    What is special paper?
    Browse:[news:visits ]Date of issue:2019/12/30 17:04:18

    The classification of special paper is not strict. Any paper with special purpose and small output can be called special paper. There are many kinds of special paper. According to their properties, they are also used for various special purposes.

    Special paper is a kind of paper with special purpose and small output. There are many kinds of special paper, which is the general name of all kinds of special purpose paper or art paper. Now the sellers call embossed paper and other art paper special paper, mainly to simplify the confusion of terms caused by the variety.

    Special paper types include: cotton paper, rice paper, interlayer paper, dust-free paper, oil-proof paper, dust-proof paper, rust proof paper, banknote paper, tissue paper, inkjet paper, wiping paper, thermal paper, tracing paper, filter paper, floating paper, oil-absorbing paper, tea bag paper, aluminum foil paper, copy paper, art paper, barrier paper, breathable paper, parchment paper, carbon paper, rough edge paper, release paper base paper Carbon free copy paper, wallpaper base paper, glass card paper, coffee filter paper, stripping paper, physiological paper, cigarette card, grazin paper, wallpaper coating material, meinaiban paper, moisture absorption paper, fire-resistant paper, asbestos paper, asphalt paper, mould proof paper, electrostatic prevention paper, conductive paper, semi conductive paper, battery separation paper, electromagnetic shielding paper, electrical insulation paper, heat-resistant paper, automotive filter paper, etc Air conditioning filter paper, deodorization filter paper, medical and health paper, medicine package paper, sterile paper, medical adhesive tape base material, operating clothes, grinding paper, silkworm cotton paper, hotbed paper, covering paper, shading paper, seedling paper, insect proof paper, pressure sensitive recording paper, printed circuit board thick paper, heat sensitive recording paper, magnetic recording paper, magnetic card paper, thermal transfer recording paper Electronic base board paper and other kinds of information paper, photo paper, mirror paper, printing paper, paper rope, sulfuric acid paper, calligraphy and painting paper, humidity control paper, ink flow paper, cosmetic paper, enzyme immobilization paper, suction paper, etc.